Diploma of Counselling Now Offered on Training.com.au

Diploma of Counselling

The Diploma of Counselling qualification is a fantastic way to carve out a career path in the community services sector. WA and Perth experience a high demand for this type of skilled worker.

There are manny course offerings for this qualification and a great place for more information is http://www.training.com.au/course/diploma-of-counselling/

Good luck in your studies.

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Australia’s Top 10 Highest Paid Jobs Per Hour

Austalia's highest paid hourly jobsHave you ever wondered how you could get paid top dollar and which jobs and professions allow you to make over $50 an hour?

Well, you’re in luck because we’ve scoured the Australian Bureau of Statistics figures which lists the top 10 highest paid job positions per hour and listed them here for you to review.

Continue reading

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Job Interview Tips | Are you thinking or listening?

Interviews are tough, no doubt about it. You really want to impress, to answer every question well and showcase your talents with fantastic examples. Continue reading

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Jobseekers | You need to stand out, not blend in!

Job hunting is hard work. It is competitive, takes enormous effort and you have to keep going, even when you face defeat and feel like giving up. One of the most important things you can do to ensure you get noticed in a crowded job market is to present a resume that stands out, rather than blends in. Continue reading

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Job Search Emails

We all know how important first impressions are. In today’s job market, a potential employer’s first glimpse of you is, more often than not, your email in response to an advertisement. Continue reading

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Surviving Phone Screening

It’s common for employers and recruiters to call candidates after receiving applications. This is referred to as telephone screening. It’s a great way for employers to gain a little more insight, get a ‘feel’ for you, as well as cover any areas of concern. From there, they usually select a few candidates for face-to-face interviews. Your performance during telephone screens is therefore a crucial part of the job search process and one you will want to prepare for. Continue reading

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Is your resume bland and boring?

There is no denying it: job hunting is a competitive game and you need to use everything at your disposal to make an impact, to grab and hold the employers’ attention.

Many job seekers make the mistake of using bland, tired resume templates (most of which have been doing the rounds for years) and others use the same, stale format that worked for them 20 years ago. Continue reading

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Get a Job in Mining with Little or No Experience

One of the many mining jobs you can train for

So attractive is the WA mining industry in Australia, that we get thousands of migrants coming from New Zealand and the UK to see if they can get a mining job with no experience.

There are also professionals in Australia that are doing an entire U-turn in their existing professions, seeking a foot in the mining industry. There is also a section of adventurous, hard working enthusiasts who want to work in the mining industry but are holding themselves back due to lack of direct experience in the industry. If you happen to be one of those, this article is precisely for you, as we are here to bust the myth that only experienced professionals can get into the mining industry (How can you get to experienced without having no experience first right?). Remember that everyone currently working in the mining industry at some point had no experience, so it can be done. Continue reading

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NBN Comes to Rescue of Unemployed Manufacturing Workers

Every week we seem to hearing about more job cuts across Australia. And it seems that Western Australia, which was once considered the employment powerhouse of Australia, is not exempt from these cuts. The recent collapse of Perth-based Forge Group, with the loss of more than 1,300 jobs, is a case in point. From a workforce of over 1,700 people, Forge will be retaining only 400 specialist workers to complete their Diamantina power station contract in Queensland and their South Hedland power station contract in WA. Continue reading

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How to write a compelling cover letter

The way you open and close your cover letter has a big impact on your success. The effectiveness of your message will determine if your application is progressed to the next stage of screening. Continue reading

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