Job Tips – Create a Visually Appealing Resume

1. Keep the text simple. Use a basic and easy-to-read font such as Arial, Times New Roman, Helvetica, or something similar. Styles such as Comic Sans and Papyrus might look nice, but they become quite an eyesore and hard to read.

2. Use a similar alignment. All paragraphs, bullet points should also appear in the same format.

3. Make your contact information stand out. Your name should be the first thing a potential employer sees. Your contact information such as your address, phone number, and email should follow in smaller font.

4. A simple border can do wonders for a resume. It draws the eye and adds a nice polishing effect to the document.

5. Insert a graphic or icon. Depending on the position you are applying for, a small graphic in the corner also helps grab the reader’s attention. I photo is not necessary and usually don’t do you no favours.

6. Use a little bit of color. Color can also make your resume stand out. Don’t use coloured paper.

7. Incorporate testimonials, either after your introduction or at the end of your document. Italic the quote, include the name and position of the person who said it, and use a light background color such as grey.

8. Highlight areas of expertise. There are also called your core competencies and a quick way to sum up your relevant skill sets and are also used to incorporate keywords.

9. Ensure there is white space. Though you may have much to say, do not cram everything in to your resume.

10.Keep everything looking crisp and tidy. Do not go overboard with formatting your resume. Get someone else to read over it a proof for spelling etc.

Resume and CV tip of the week from WestJobsRemember, your resume and cover letter need to position you to stand out from the crowd and grab the employer or hiring manager’s attention.

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