Well Paid Construction Jobs in Perth and WA

Thanks to the booming economy in Western Australia, Construction Jobs in Perth and WA are vast and plentiful. Various construction companies are looking for contractors, architectsforemen/women and supervisors, project managers, surveyors and many more. If you believe you possess the skills to fill in these and other building and construction vacancies, then the first step requires creating an impressive resume.

Construction jobs in Perth and WA are easy to find online at westjobs.com.au, but before you dive into a job application, you need to assess your skills and highlight them the most convincing way possible in your resume. Here are a couple of pointers on how to do that.

  • Your resume must be clear, succinct, and straight to the point. Your objective section to highlight exactly what type of construction jobs in Perth and WA you are looking for. Be very straightforward with what job you want to get into, but be open to other job offerings as well. Applying for a specific vacancy requires manipulating your resume to that particular opening. The employers should know exactly what you want, and what you are confident to do.
  • It is very important for securing construction jobs in Perth and WA that you highlight your strong points, and add to the list only the things that you can do confidently. If you have only practiced a skill once or twice, with absolutely no idea how to do it again, avoid adding this to the list. Your skills section should only display what you can do at the present time.
  • Display all your current certifications such as small engine repair, welding, plumbing, or working with electrics. Add these on your Skills section as well. If you have been taught any hard skills from your previous work, add these to the list as well. In one bullet, list down your soft skills as well. Your soft skills include: being able to work within a team, good in following directions, impressive communication skills, or supervising. Your soft skills will brief the employer about what other things you can do apart from your construction skills.
  • Your job experience of construction jobs in Perth and WA is one of the most important parts of your resume, for it will brief them about what projects you have worked on and what things you can do. When writing this section, start with your most recent and most relevant project first. Don’t forget to add the years you’ve worked, the name or the company of your employer, as well as your job title. On the following lines, describe what you’ve done in the certain project, as well as the skills you used for that particular job.
  • Next is your Education and your References sections. In your Education section, list down your certifications, the level of education you have attained, any workshops or training sections you’ve attended. On your References section also write down References available on request, and prepare a list of referees.

WestJobs has a unique facility that will allow you to create your resume online and post it for all the Perth and WA construction employers to see, this will NOT display your personal details, just your work history. Read more about how to create your WestJobs resume online.

An impressive resume is one of the best ways to land construction jobs in Perth and WA. Follow the above steps and you are well on the way to your next interview!

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Mark Read has a wide Internet background, having launched his first online business in the 90's and developed many since then. WESTjobs.com.au was launched in 2010 and has been built into a ground breaking jobsboard that is changing the way jobseekers, recruiters and employers connect with each other, through WESTjobs ability to present jobseekers to employers and job opportunities to our jobseeker audience.
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  1. Mike Deakin says:

    I live in Sydney and would like to know what kind of demand there is for a skilled Bricklayer in Perth WA and an ideal of the adverage daily pay. Self employed only.